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PV-WT10 DVR Hidden Camera ushers in a new era of Lawmate brand covert cameras.  One button operation means you’ll be able to concentrate on your target while spending less time fumbling with wires and multiple buttons. 1280 X 720 full color video is captured through a 67 degree field of view 3.7mm pinhole lens to looks out of the front side of the watch.

Charge the watch using your PC and get 80 minutes of continuous recording.   Accepts up to a 32GB Micro SD Card (8GB Card Included Free). Discrete icons on the screen give you visual confirmation a recording is in progress.


Features and Specifications

3.7mm Pinhole Lens with 67 Degree Field of View
80 Minute Battery Life
Rechargeable with Any USB Charger / Computer
Up to 32GB Micro SD Card
8GB Micro SD Card Included
1280 X 720 Video
720P HD High Quality Color Video
30 FPS Frame Rate
Time / Date Overlay

LawMate PV-WT10 spy camera, video camera and DVR

M.A.P. PRICE 295.00